All I Want For Christmas Is A Few Good Books

A few years back, we siblings and our respective partners agreed that as none of us really wanted for much, we would in future draw names. Now we buy a present for one person each year, cutting back on stress and expense. (We still buy for all of the children because it’s all about them – you can interpret that as you see fit.)

From the corner of my office a gift bag is taunting me; it’s my Christmas present from the family draw.


I haven’t peeked in the bag because the ribbon’s tied too damn tight I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I can tell it contains books. And I have no doubt they’ll be good – my sister in law and I have similar reading tastes. But the contents might not be enough to get me through the holidays – you can interpret that as you see fit. So please help me out by giving me some supplementary book suggestions. What are you reading this Christmas?

30 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is A Few Good Books

  1. A bag of books you can’t open for 2 more weeks! Yikes!!! You are all about the self-control, my friend.

    I’m almost finished with THE GOLDFINCH, which I absolutely loved. Epic and sprawling and literary and all that. And now I’m switching gears and reading WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE? because I need some humor. I read the first pages of THE INTERESTINGS, but I’m not much intrigued so far, hoping that will change.

  2. Recent reads: Dry Bones by Peter Quinn (Very Good – WWII espionage with cold war consequences), The Signature of All Things by Eat, Pray, Love author, Elizabeth Gilbert (Good – much too long even though the story is intriguing – maybe I don’t have enough patience), Open City by Teju Cole (a book club read and definitely not my cup of tea), Helen of Troy by Margaret George (Very good – a fictional interpretation of the Greek myth, a bit long is spots but she writes so well). If you want something quite light, try Brave Hearts by Carolyn Hart. Happy reading and a Merry Christmas!

  3. I have two books to read, ‘Death Comes To Pemberley’ by PD James and ‘Longbourn’ by Jo Baker. I’m half way through ‘Death Comes To Pemberley’. It’s a reimaging of Elizabeth and Darcy six years after their marriage when there is a murder in the grounds. PD James is a genius. Read it. I haven’t started the second one yet. As an aside the Christmas raffle is a terrific idea. Annie

  4. I bought Dad a copy of Remembering Smell by Bonnie Blodgett. It’s an account of a woman who inhaled an over-the-counter zinc nose medication and experienced olfactory hallucinations and finally lost her sense of smell. It explores the importance of that specific sense and it’s fascinating.

    I know this, because I’m reading it before I mail it to him. . . It’s a tradition.

  5. The ORENDA by Joseph Boyden. Some violence but an imaginative rendering of some Canadian history. The Jesuits in the New World and their efforts to convert the Hurons in what is now southern Ontario. Based on fact with more than equal time given to some compelling native characters. Check out others by him, THREE DAY ROAD and THROUGH BLACK SPRUCE. Mmmm…Canadian.

    The CIRCLE by Dave Eggers. A young woman gets a job at facebookapplemicrosoft and sacrifices an awful lot for – well – an awful lot.

    • I’m dying to read The Circle, but I’m putting it off because I live in “the circle” and if one more person tells me “I work for Apple,” “My husband works for Apple,” “I’m having lunch with Steve Jobs’s first baby-mama to talk about her new memoir,” “I’m on my 7th interview at Apple,” …. And then there’s the Facebook woman building a ginormous house up the street, and her husband works for, you guessed it, Apple.

      Tech Heaven or Tech Hell. Hard to decide, but a bubble for sure.

    • I read ‘Through Black Spruce’, and ‘Three Day Road’ . Both are great. I haven’t got to his latest yet. annie

  6. A light fast read which caused me to laugh out loud…The Rosie Project. 419 was a disappointment. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  7. I’m empty handed at the moment but I just finished Malcolm Gladwell’s latest, David and Goliath. Interesting stuff. I’ve been referring to it in conversation ad nauseam.

  8. The first book I’m buying in London next week is Rosa Rankin-Gee’s The Last Kings of Sark. Rosa is a cool writer friend who lives in Paris and her novel has had splendid reviews. She was also kind enough to write my one of my book blurbs on the cover of Pelt.
    Ps *promo warning* my publisher has pegged Pelt at 99cents from 16-19th December, then $1.99 until the 22nd so if anyone who likes short stories would like to try. Thanks Downith for the promo space sorry I owe you a drink!

  9. I’m re-reading Elly Griffiths books in preparation for the next one in the series coming out shortly. ‘The Crossing Places’ is the first. I love her writing. Also re-read ‘The Snow Child’ as it seemed appropriate to read in the midst of our freezing temperatures, plus I wanted some magic. Guess i’m in the mood for snuggling up with old friends!

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