Pelted into Place

Pelt and Other Stories

One of the things I am trying to achieve with my novel- in- progress is a strong sense of place. It’s a topic I discussed in the critical part of my Masters’ dissertation, citing the Newfoundland author Lisa Moore, who has said that her writing must reach “two notions of audience – those who know the the place you write about, and those who imagine it through the writing.”

Those who imagine it through the writing.


I don’t know if I will achieve that strong sense of place, but Catherine McNamara definitely has. I’ve never been to most of the places she describes in Pelt and Other Stories  – gritty Africa, complicated Sydney, volcanic Stromboli – but strong descriptions and an eclectic cast of characters took this armchair traveller to their very soul. And, as always happens with good trips, the stories have stayed with me – like postcards stuck under the edge of a mirror, to be pulled out, turned over and read again.

You can buy Pelt and Other Stories on Amazon or direct from the publisher, Indigo Dreams Publishing.

**UPDATE** Cat tells me that the Pelt and Other Stories eBook will be selling at the special price of 99 cents from 16-18th December and from 19-22nd it will be priced at $1.99. After the 22nd it will return to normal price.

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6 thoughts on “Pelted into Place

  1. I want to know how you introduced the falling snow to those perched mittens. Wow! And as I look outmy window, very fitting.

    As this is the year of the short story (Alice Munro and all), I will check it out. Other short story collections I have loved include A Visit from the Goon Squad (J Egan), Olive Kitteridge (E Strout), any of Lorrie Moore’s stories, Interpreter of Maladies ( J Lahiri), anything by William Trevor and of course Alice Munro. Here’s to books under the tree.

    • I keep meaning to read Interpreter of Maladies – thanks for reminding me. I too loved Goon Squad, Olive Kitteridge and of course Alice Munro. Today’s the day her daughter accepts the Nobel Prize on her behalf. Yay Alice!

      (The snow is an app on WordPress that self destructs early in the New Year, unlike the real stuff you see outside your window.)

  2. Thanks for having me Downith. It’s been a great year for short story writers all over I think. Alice Munro’s win is spectacular – and hopefully will make short stories more visible in bookshops. Thanks guys xx

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