Do You Believe in Magic In A Young Girl’s Heart ?

There was once a little girl who believed that fairies lived in the garden of her house. So she wrote them sweet little notes asking about their wands and their wings and lots of other fairy things. And the fairies wrote back, in lovely rhymes like these:

Thank you for the lovely flower, which we will place inside our bower.

We each have a special wand of which we are rather fond.

Unbeknownst to the little girl, the Chief Fairy Correspondent became peri-menopausal and sometimes forgot to write back. So the little girl built a shrine in her bedroom, with books:

And little fairy beds:

Some even had sleeping bags and pillows:

And there was a framed message, assuring the fairies of their welcome:

And a polite but pleading note:

So now, whenever the Chief Correspondent  flits by the little girl’s bedroom, she sees those nagging gentle reminders and the rhymes magically flow:

Dammit I forgot again. Where’s the paper and my pen?

When will this correspondence end? It’s driving me around the bend.

21 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Magic In A Young Girl’s Heart ?

  1. I love it. I’m lost in “The Sleepytime Express” and Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. Enjoy that lovely Fairyphile. Annie

  2. As the Tooth Fairy around here, I’m feelin’ this. . . .

    The olderst kid in this house lost her first tooth, literally, so I paid double for emotional distress.

    Her second tooth was lost under mysterious circumstances. I paid double for emotional distress.

    Her third AWOL missing tooth earned a quarter and a small, purple-inked note:
    “Sorry, no more double payments — it isn’t fair to the other children.
    P.S. Remember to brush your teeth every day–I only pay for clean ones.”

    Fairy’s got to make a living!

  3. my mum used to write my notes from mary the fairy, the resident tooth fairy. there was a whole story, where she lived, what she did etc and i used to write back. so yeah, i do… i was dissapointed when i grew up and she was a figment of my mothers imagination

  4. Oh, of course this holds a special place in my heart, Downith, with two wee girls. Fairies abound here (insisde and out.) I am so often reminded of Tolkein’s wonderful St. Nick letters that he sent to his children for years–I forget the name of the book that compiles them but I always had/have the intention of shaping such a magical journey as he did–then life swoops in, but we do the best we can and help extend the magic as long as we can (which is harder than ever these days…)

  5. Fantastic. The beds, sleeping bags…my girl is now 10, and sometimes I miss those fairy times which have been uprooted by superheroes and above all jedis.

    A man I work with was woken at 4 in the morning by his panic-stricken daughter. The tooth fairy hadn’t come yet. They had just adopted a cat, Tigger, from the shelter and Bella was terrified that Tigger may have, gulp, eaten the tooth fairy.
    “No, no, honey. Fairies are not in a cat’s diet”.
    She, much relieved went to bed, and now the panic-stricken father who had forgotten said tooth, had a small window to take care of business.
    Bella awoke while her father was depositing the money.
    “I got to worrying about the tooth fairy’s safety, but look! The tooth is gone!”
    Crisis averted.

  6. Oh lovely, simply lovely. How i wish I had been a fairy mom. I was not that clever or creative. They turned out fine, way better than fine, none the worse for it, but I yearn for do-overs. (sigh)

  7. As much work as it is, I wish it never to end. (isn’t that nice and realistic?) And now that I’m perimenopausal, I can’t remember anything if it’s not written down. Crazy.

    But just let me say: how much do I LOVE those little fairy beds?! I’m in love. How damn cute. It all reminds of how great innocence is — may it last as long as is can.

  8. I never believed in, or even thought much about, fairies when I was little. Neither did my kids, though they were voracious readers, and they might have done if I’d realized what was going on.

    But, here’s the weird thing: I believe in them NOW.

  9. i want some fairie notes too!

    my daughter got handwritten notes from the tooth fairy thanking her for giving up her teeth (and once apologizing for forgetting to pick up a lost tooth til the following night-oops).

  10. What a beautiful way to create some magic in your child’s life. I didn’t do this (regret alert!) kind of thing. Shoot!

    It is work, but I think it will be a treasure beyond anything you can imagine right now.

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