Signs of Spring

This morning I went for a walk and saw:






I think the pink glove is sending winter a message. The blue one has its fingers crossed, wishing for . . .

26 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. And where are the little kittens that lost their mittens… and daffodils. Somewhere Wordsworth is remembering. Here we still have snow-but it’s melting. But I’m longing for daffodils and crocuses. Annie

  2. Okay, I know I’m supposed to love the flowers (and I do) but those gloves are cracking me up. It’s a very cool photo, first off, but I feel like they are sending us a message in code. Love it!

  3. A much appreciated burst of humor and bloom, Downith. Never heard chuffed before but I think it may have found a home here.

    Spring has sprung here too–we’re headed out tonight for the first night of camping of the season. Good, good times.

  4. Love the photos – you’ll be glad to know that in Toronto today we’re having a snow storm. I said to someone this morning that it will make the arrival of daffodils that much sweeter. (?)

    The blue glove looks like Grover the Muppet’s hand!

    • Ugh, poor you.

      Yes it does look like Grover’s hand! And I’ve decided that the striped one on the left can’t decide if it’s a glove or a mitten, so………it’s sitting on the fence.

  5. Love the gloves – made me laugh out loud! Now tell me you didn’t put those there yourself. By the way, if you were in Toronto today you would have needed at least one pair of gloves. After two weeks of spring beckoning, mother nature slammed us with another ugly snow storm.

  6. Oh, sweet spring. Here we can skip right over it and slouch into summer, but these photos remind me of why I really do love the close of one season and the beginning of another. There’s something like a resetting of the internal clock.

    The mitten and glove photo is brilliant.

  7. Oh, these photos are such a heartwarming sight for my cold, cold soul! You must be a step ahead of us here in the Midwest of the States. My daffodils haven’t popped open yet. We had a slight teasing taste of spring, but now we’re supposed to have 30 and 40 degree weather for the next week… You know, I’m such a bitch all winter. Spring brings me such happiness and also a kick to my writing. Does anyone else get a writing nudge when the weather turns nice?

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