It’s All Gone Pear Shaped

I hate the taste of pears. Always have, always will. But there’s a great British expression about them:

It’s all gone pear-shaped.”

It means that plans have gone horribly wrong. If you think about the shape of a pear, it’s  like an apple or a banana gone wrong, although that’s not one of the  various theories put forward about the origins of the expression.

All that to say that work on my WIP went a bit pear-shaped towards the end of last week. But after reading a post from the Queen of Pep Talks, I am determined to squeeze my bum back into the chair this week and get some grape writing done.  Sorry, that was a berry berry bad pun. Oops, there’s another one. Orange you glad I’ve run out of them?

Anything going pear-shaped in your fruit basket this week?

photo byebluemonday

26 thoughts on “It’s All Gone Pear Shaped

  1. Continuity has gone pear shaped, tits up and for a burton this week. Don’t you just love these little regional expressions? Toi make matters worse, I’ve gone pear shaped from sitting in the writing chair for too many hours. My bum is chair shaped, not flattering at all. And I’d forgotten how much work six kids is…

  2. Me. I’m gone all pear shaped. I have no WIP unless we are counting my 43 year old gravity battered arse. There’s a theme with me isn’t there? I visit all these wonderful sites about writing and somehow wind up talking about me and the decline of the body part du jour. Okay enough of that, I shall make a vow to focus more on the art of the written word and all that crap…

  3. I’m relieved to say that everything just went pear-shaped for my characters, and now they can do the heavy lifting for a while!

    I was trying to devise a kumquat pun, but they’re more the euphamistic sort, aren’t they?

  4. Dutchess,
    Talk about perfectly timed! My day yesterday went pear-shaped and I had no idea.
    Missed my train, caught the second one which broke down. Two and a half hours later I got to work to a voicemail which I should have left alone. I proceeded to leave a return voicemail clarifying things in a manner that will in no doubt be passed along to management. Seems I have a temper. Then I received an e-mail from my husband to a list of people in MY address book saying not to click the link in a porn spam I sent out and continued to do so until I got home and could change my password.

    Then I played ball and all was right in the world.

    Man, did that day go pear-shaped. I knew there was a reason I dislike pears.

  5. No fear for your WIP. Mine has been pear shaped for 10 months, but I know, somehow, it will be salvaged. In mind, it’s perfection. Ha!

  6. Love this, Downith. I’ll never look at a pear in quite the same way again. And I like the idea of sprinkling my speech with a snappy British expression every now and then (“Oh, Mummy, my day has gone pear shaped!”.. she’ll think I’ve finally cracked).

    The truth? I thought this was going to be another post featuring your beautiful bum. My mind has gone to compote…

  7. Count me in on the new-users of the very brilliant phrase. I’ll be test-driving it all day and reporting back. I suspect it will get LOTS of use today as my WIP too is shaping up pear-ly as of late…

  8. I kind of bristle at pear-shaped being considered a big fat negative. Maybe because I *am* pear-shaped? :)

    I love pears, I love that little knitted pear in the photo, and I love all your berry bad puns!

  9. “it’s all gone to pear” is my new rendition of what you’ve so graciously given me here. thank you!!

    (i’m most certain your WIP will quickly move from pear shaped into being a peach of a read! i know, “corn”-ey, but whatever. alright, i’ll stop now.)

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