When You’re Down, You’re Up

Up is more dirty than down

Some good news awaited when I got back from holiday. A short story I wrote recently, called When You’re Down, You’re Up, has been accepted for publication in Issue 2 of Word Gumbo, a new e-zine published by GumboPress.

You can read it here.  (see page 50)

P.S. GumboPress is currently seeking submissions for Issue 3. If you’re interested, check out their submission guidelines.

(photo:James Cridland)

32 thoughts on “When You’re Down, You’re Up

  1. Well look at you, back in the thick of us with a newly published story to boot! I’m off to click on the link now … I hope the writing is going well, and can’t wait to hear about your holiday. We missed you terribly.

  2. Woohoo! What great news. We were already so thrilled to hear the news you were back in town and now this. I’m off too to click and read. So excited for you, dear!

  3. Downith, thrilling: the story, the publication. When you’re up, you’re up! And I agree with your protagonist; I’m certain I’d be a better writer if only my parents had loved me less :).

  4. Is it weird that I read your story and thought the narrator’s actions were perfectly reasonable because they led to improved writing? Am I crazy? Am I one step away from buying bad memories? Or is it enough that I am actually about to type the words: It’s a good thing I already have bad memories of my own.

    Anyway, my issues aside…congratulations!

  5. i haven’t read it yet, but will do today. just wanted to say hello and congrats as i’ve been vacationing as well.

    looking forward to catching up.

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