I’ve never been much into jewellery- watch and rings, occasionally earrings. Bracelet – never. Until now.

This I’m wearing. Every. Day.

I haven’t taken it off since it arrived in the mail post on Monday. It’s from my blogging buddy Teri; she sent them to about a dozen members of a blogging circle. Teri personally presented them to three other members of the group – Amy, Lyra and Sherry – when they met up in Chicago last Sunday. The rest of us had the joy of receiving them in the post. We are all writers, some more successful than others, but all working on the words in our own way. Much thought went into these gifts. On one side of the bracelet is written Forest for the Trees, in homage to Betsy Lerner, the agent behind the blog where the circle was born. On the other side is FTF.

As I said in an email to Teri:

I don’t know which is more precious to me, the FTF bracelet or your wonderful note to us all, but neither can compare to the sheer delight of having met you and of having you in my blog circle.

And that goes for the rest of you too.

FTF? It stands for Finish the Fucker – a boot up the bum to encourage us to carry on with our respective WIPs. Those of us with young children have spent some time thinking of an alternative response to the inevitable question: “What does FTF mean?” For me, it’s easy – Finding The Friends. Because I have.

34 thoughts on “FTF

  1. Awww. So nice this. Isn’t it amazing? The support and encouragement of this crowd of women is truly a blessing. Using the internet for good instead of evil. These sisters rock!

  2. Perfect, D. I also really like Sarah W.’s idea, Face to Face.
    Teri really outdid herself with this one. I love that girl. I love all of you girls.

  3. Mine’s in New York and I’m feeling unprotected. I should get it back tomorrow, but I hope it worked its magic for my friend KJ. We’ll know soon! In the meantime, I figure the new blogging gig and the piece on Motherlode was about all the good luck I can get in one week – it’s safe to hand the Betsy bracelet off for two days.

  4. I have never been a joiner until now. I worked for joiners for my whole career and I always liked the feeling of being just outside the group.

    Not anymore. You guys (deep breath) complete me.


    (way more serious than I let myself be)

  5. Well … since I’m new to this crowd I don’t know you all (or perhaps that should be y’all) but I have had the pleasure of meeting Downith and speaking with Bobbi on the phone so they count as friends now! I love the bracelet idea. And I enjoy seeing all your back and forth kibitzing. At the moment I’m at that point where I wonder if my writing is any good at all. Maybe a BUG bracelet would work – Buck UP Girl.

  6. Beautiful write up, Downith! And a great photo — mine keeps coming out as a fuzzy gray blob . . .

    I haven’t taken mine off, either, except to sleep and shower. It’s a reminder to get going and that I’m not going alone.

  7. I took mine off yesterday because I was digging in the dirt, and then forgot to put it back on. Guess what happened? I ran around like a crazy woman all day and did not work on my m/s. Didn’t even open it. See what happens? See!

    • Nooooo! I know better than to test the fates. I love that it’s waterproof so I can think of no reason to have to part with it–not dishes, not showering…but digging in the dirt, okay maybe.

      Of course, my daughters still eye it every morning, wanting to wear it to school. That’s when the Face-to-Face really comes in handy…

  8. What a wonderful friend and member of the blogging circle Teri is. I love that Forest For The Trees in a sense has the same message, albeit perhaps a little scrambled…Teri solved the puzzle? That is, FFTT becomes FTF. And the blogging circle becomes a circular bracelet…we know not where it begins or ends…it is ONE!

    Here’s wishing you all:
    Inspiration and words aplenty to FTF
    An unbreakable (and unbeatable) blogging circle.

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  10. I was in the midst this summer of what I was fairly certain would be the final rewrite of my completed ms, when life got in the way. The pages have been collecting dust in the corner since July.

    I put my bracelet on last weekend, pulled out my notes and piles of paper, and by late that night I’d edited 100 FREAKING PAGES!

    Seriously. This bracelet has some kind of super power.

    But I’m only wearing it to write. I’m fearful daily use will wear it out, and I have 150 pages yet to go…

  11. I’m just catching up on my blog reading after being out of town, and this is too lovely not to comment on. You all have such a terrific vibe, you are lucky ducks. But as my mother always told me, you make your own luck. That’s why you all inspire each other and I enjoy having a bit of it rub off on me now and again. Good friend, that Teri.

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