Crafty Spam


Has anyone else noticed that blog spam is getting smarter ? Instead of comments about how good my content is, signed by “Free iPad 2”, I’m getting spam that is almost relevant to the post. And, it’s good enough to fool my spam filter.

The first one was from my good friend See that? They actually used wordpress in the address to sneak past the filter. And it worked. Ole Giftbox left a comment for my Mum’s The Word post, likely because it was Mothering Sunday in the UK last weekend. Crafty huh?

Today the Skip To My Loo post attracted a comment from LOL Sarah. I’m not sure if Sarah is laughing or loving, but her address is a French epicierie. The photo accompanying my post included some French. See? Crafty, n’est-ce pas? Sarah shares a joke about an Italian, a Frenchman, and a Spaniard and finishes by congratulating me on  my blog’s “Excellent continuation.” Uhm, thanks, I think.

These two comments were  in my pending file; first time comments are moderated – that’s the only thing that held them back.

The third pending comment is a little more ambiguous. It’s from Alicia (last name redacted in case she’s real) and she wants to do a guest post. So tell me Alicia, are you live or are you Spamorex? If the former please get in touch again. If the latter, congratulations! I have a Free iPad 2 just for you.

**UPDATE** – Ha! I love it. This blog post attracted a spam comment.

(photo: Sean MacEntee)

25 thoughts on “Crafty Spam

  1. Funny! I thought it was just me. I got one after a post whining about French driver’s licences that told me if I stopped complaining to get attention I might actually get something done about it. I was all hurt and stuff until I got three more exactly the same. Very crafty indeed.

  2. I keep getting the guest posts as well, when the Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria isn’t trying to desperately contact me. The main one is a dating site for seniors. I can see it; Finnish history…. over 50 dating…

  3. For a second there, I thought I might be sleep commenting—it happens, sometimes—because I laugh a lot, I do know a joke about a Italian, a Frenchman, and a Spaniard, and if I knew what a continuity of a blog was, I’m sure I’d think yours was excellent.

    But I just looked up épicerie and I’m actually sitting in une bibliothèque. So LOL Sarah is definitely not my alter ego. Whew! :D

    I’ve been attracting a lot of Russian and Greek spam lately. Wonder why?

  4. Yes! And not only smarter, but nicer. I used to get spam that was full of insults about the lack of traffic on my blog and how badly it was written. Now the spam is brown-nosing me. Which I prefer, as it happens.

    I also get emails with suggestions for ‘free content’–all I have to do is let the writer put up an ad or three. I always feel like emailing back, like, You know I’m a writer, right? I create my own content. That’s kinda the point.

  5. The upside of being a forever commenter and a never blogger is that I haven’t attracted much creatively interesting spam. The downside is that I miss out on such cogent comments like Excellent continuation. Darn, I may have to rethink this strategy.

  6. I’m getting more and more email Spam lately. I bet there are 10 a day, most wanting to give me thousands or millions of dollars. How kind of them!!

    Here’s to excellent continuation.

  7. I too get lots of emails offering to guest post — on any topic! You guys, you simply tell these people who know nothing about your topic what your topic is, they whip up an article that surely won’t be horrendously written and grossly inaccurate, and ta-da! Free blog post. (And here I’ve been paying for it like dope.) And it comes with bonus advertising for products/services that are surely suspect, creepy, annoying, or worse. Who wouldn’t want that?

    • Ugh, curious, stupid me clicked on one in the traffic sources because it had such an innocent name and it took me to some porn type site. I would have looked around, but I was afraid of what I’d catch.

  8. I feel your pain! I came here on a break from fixing one of my client’s websites … a website that has been YET AGAIN attacked by spambotsomethings. What’s sad about this is I AM the expert in this situation. They look to me for guidance. How? Why? They ask. I tell them it’s because they didn’t eat all their vegetables. Who knows, right? Damn hackerz.

  9. Hi. This is Alicia and I must assure you that I am, in fact, a Real Person. So are you interested in a guest post or what? Because I’m a very, very busy person.
    Tee heeee.
    Excellent post. I love spam.

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