Randoms (2)

As of this evening, my children will be on holiday for the next 24 days*. Still, I expect to get lots of reading, writing, and blog visiting done … ha ha.  To keep you entertained while I’m entertaining the children, here are some more Randoms.

1. I keep my Kindle in a designer free British Airways case that previously held stickers and colouring. But these are gorgeous. (And my birthday is coming… just saying.)

2. Looming deadline? Go watch this.

3. Stuck in a reading rut? Need recommendations? You may need a session with the bibliotherapist.

4. This is where I developed terminal writing group envy.

5. And this, I found absolutely fascinating – a newbie novelist discusses his dialogue with an e-book pirate.

(*not that I’m counting)

19 thoughts on “Randoms (2)

  1. What school system offers so many holidays? I hope you don’t pay for this privilege, Downith. Why not send them to boarding school and be done with it? Yeah, yeah – I know why. You love these beautiful two, to say nothing of the lovely hub.

    Gotta say I relate to the beautiful pens and such at #3. And I truly love the choices for Kindle covers. Mine is boring black. Mmm maybe a future gift idea?

    Write lots, my friend.

  2. My older kid has been home for the past two weeks, so my deepest sympathies!

    These are great links! The second one really hit home — it’s raining deadlines over here, which is clearly why i’m commenting all over friends’ blogs instead of getting to work (cough) . . .

  3. Your kids are off from school for 24 days in March/April? The English are weird! I’ll have about six weeks of non-stop kids from August to mid-September. I’m trying not to think about it.

  4. Am typing “Bibliotherapy degrees near Cleveland” into my search engine as we speak. It’s funny how your day can evolve through your search engine. Just this morning I was searching for unicorn t-shirts and cat toys…

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