My Most Beautiful Thing

Sunshine Laundry

Today, after months days of torrential, biblical, epic rain and hail, the sun has said, Enough! and pushed her way through the grey and gloom. It won’t last – more rain is on the way, but for this morning, for this instant, as I hang out the laundry, my most beautiful thing is the sunshine warming my face.

This post is part of the My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash in celebration of Fiona Robyn’s book The Most Beautiful Thing, available for free download today and tomorrow. Fiona’s thoughtful explanation of her decision to offer the book for free is worth a read. Ms Marshmallow would approve.

What’s your most beautiful thing?

(photo: Peppysis’ Photostream)

30 thoughts on “My Most Beautiful Thing

  1. My most beautiful thing? Seeing my oldest daughter wake up with a smile today after three days of a horrific (is there any other kind?) stomach bug. Ahh.

    Wishing you continued beautiful things, my friend.

  2. What a gorgeous photo, D. It’s got happy and hope written all over it.

    My most beautiful thing: A photo of a smiling 14 yr old girl in my email box, her blonde hair in a Katniss/Hunger Games braid. She’s a friend’s daughter and was in a freak ATV accident 2 weeks ago. In a hospital far from here, a brilliant team of surgeons have reattached her arm. This is the first photo any of us have seen of her since the accident. I can’t stop looking at it.

  3. My beautiful thing is the five nights my husband has reserved for me at a condo in the mountains. I will go there the day after my last workday on this job, and finish my revisions to get this sucker back to my agent and out there on the market.

    So many kinds of beautiful there, I hardly know where to begin.

  4. I love that photo! It says spring to my laundry hangin’ heart.

    My most beautiful thing? Right now it’s that the phone isn’t ringing much while I’m filling in for the receptionist. That means I have some time to read blogs. Yay!

  5. I LOVE that photo.
    My beautiful thing is this hour, alone, listening to NPR and being here, with all of you. I wish it would last forever.

  6. Today it was taking a walk in the woods and coming across the sun hitting the river just so, as a heron flew overhead. Also, it’s my cat in this moment, lying flat on her back with her feet in the air and her tongue sticking out. :)

  7. A beautiful photo. I can feel the breeze. My most beautiful thing? My grandchildren, of course. Every single moment so precious as I watch them grow. The writer allowing free download of her books? Good idea! The fun is in knowing people are reading your words. If no one reads a book is it a book? My grandaughter’s guitar teacher has composed enough music to fill a disk and I told him I like to listen to that disk when I am writing and he said “I don’t care how people listen to it as long as they listen to it.” I like that attitude.

  8. This is so cheesy. I’m actually embarrassed to write it. But the my most beautiful thing is the woman I’m in love with.

  9. Downith so glad you have this! I was worried it would never never stop. Here it has been so sunny I was almost ashamed to say. English damp! Here the cherries are ripening and so am I!

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