Reading Between The Lines

The children want a dog.

A week with Maisie

was not enough.

Pestering has not worked, so new tactics are being explored. Last night Missie sat down at my laptop to “write a story. Like you do.” Here’s an excerpt:


Once there was a dog called Puddles he lived in a pet shop he had never been owned before although he wanted to. He would have kids love him but they have parents that want something small.  (italics mine)

Too subtle???

35 thoughts on “Reading Between The Lines

  1. Oh my how do you stand it? I could never be an effective parent, spineless jellyfish Mom is what they would call me. So what are you going to do?

  2. We’re having the same struggles over my SIL’s Swiss Mountain dog, Jada. She’s the size of a small Shetland pony, but is the most well-behaved dog I’ve ever forgotten was in the house. Everyone loves her—I love her, but she’s temporary.

    It’s understood that when Jada leaves, we won’t be filling her position with another dog—we don’t have a good yard for dogs and we aren’t at home enough—but understanding and desisting to pester are two different things . . .

      • The bigger the dog, the calmer, the sweeter, the easier to manage. There are those who will argue with this logic, but it’s true. Even I, dog lover that I am, get nervous around little yappy frantic dogs.

        Can you just keep Maisie for a week a month? :-)

          • Just so long as you remember the dog you get (one of these days!) will be your dog, all will be well. Don’t be taken in by statements of anyone else doing any of the work. ;-)

  3. Uh-oh! Should I worry? My older son is writing a story about insects and lizards, and their plan to take over the world… I think I may have stamped on one too many spiders for his liking.

  4. Those eyes, the poem. Oh dear. They’re pulling out all the stops, Duchess. My son’s one all-encompassing pro-dog argument: “A dog would keep me out of trouble, Mom.”

    • Or maybe, the dog would be in so much trouble you wouldn’t notice the trouble your son got up too ;) Sigh, we too are getting begging, pleading, negotiations, lobbying, pouting, etc about a dog. It is a tough call. My husband and I both had dogs in the house as children and loved it so it someohow seems “mean” to deny our children. I love the idea of a dog…not so sure about the practicality of it…we live in the city, we have busy lives, and I don’t believe the “I’ll do everything” promises that come with the lobbying. Still I sense we are being worn down. A dog may be in our not too distant future.

  5. That just kills me. I don’t know you, as a mom, even begin to deal with a paragraph like that.

    To Averil above, the dogs I had as a kid actually did keep me out of trouble. Whenever we had a dog, I’d rush home from school and stay put. Imagining the dog at home alone, waiting for “just me” to arrive …. I was always dying to go home.

  6. The neighbors brought home a new puppy a couple of weeks ago and all the parents in the neighborhood are cashing in on kid-puppy time. My friend suprised her brood with one the other day. It is so cute and everyone is happy, but after all the poo and rolling in poo incidents, she’s thinking maybe she was insane! It is s-o-o cute though….

  7. Oh that sweet, sweet story.
    Man, kids are devious.
    Last night I had a standoff with a neighbors pitbull who is let run loose far too often. I think it cured my kids of any dog wanting. The only thing scarier than a growling pitbull is the mother of small children threatened by a growling pitbull.

  8. This brings back fond memories of my own attempts to convince my family to get a dog. I wrote little notes that explained the benefits of having a dog and then left them all over the house. I even cut out a Far Side cartoon — one that featured a dog frustrated by his lack of opposable thumbs — and I write under it, “Since dogs DON’T have opposable thumbs, they can’t get into too much trouble or open doors on their own.” (I know, right — WTF?)

    I was eventually successful and we got a dog. JUST SAYING.

  9. My son’s argument was that since we live in the woods, a dog would protect him. How do you say no to that line? Have to admit, his little pound-rescue mutt has protected him, but from the two-legged critters that seem to find our place. Of course, I have always had dogs, and the best were those gentle giants, Irish Wolfhounds.

  10. I wouldn’t be able to resist. I’d get her the dog especially if you have friends that owe you dog sitting.Annie

  11. We were weeding the drive yesterday and gg says Wouldn’t it be good if the dog could weed? You don’t know seriously how many times I have wished that our dog could answer the phone of weed the garden. Can you imagine we have these conversations?

  12. I love how this angst (and suffereing) is really fueling the creativity in this little one. You should torture her more! Perhaps promise ice cream and cake, then leave it on the roof of the car when you drive away from the grocery store.

  13. Maisie’s eyes are so compelling I remembered her for months. I’m pro-dog. I grew up with dogs. I was the afternoon walker, once I was old enough to cross the street alone. As soon as I went freelance, we got a dog. And even if he doesn’t weed, he is a delight.

  14. Oh, a similar plea has come lately to our house too. It’s hard to explain how mommy isn’t ready (will I ever be?) now that Olive is gone but of course I know they are missing having a pup here. We are talking about rescuing a Guinea Pig when we come back from Maine. Keep us posted, dear…

  15. I’m absolutely no help here. I mean, we have five cats. Clearly I have no capacity to say no.

    I do love how your daughter took “your thing” and made it her own in order to make her point.

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