Carter Library Comes to Town

The last time I met Teri, it was neutral territory: we met in Winchester for a few hours. Last Thursday we had the whole day, so I picked Teri up from the closest train station and took her back to my house. As I began to make coffee, Teri said: Now that you know I’m not an axe murderer, you can have me over to your house, right?

And we laughed. Then she pulled a knife out of her bag…

Now that’s just crazy talk, she did no such thing. But we did talk like crazy. All day – through coffee, lunch, a walk on the wild side High Street  – the words flowed. Seven hours later, after I’d driven her back to the train station, we sat in the car and talked some more. This quote is lifted from my post about the last time we got together:

We covered blogging, Betsy, families, mothers and daughters, absentee fathers, our lost youth, carpe diem, MA vs MFA, working, WIPs, time wasted obsessing about wobbly bits, parenting, tennis, food, writing, Jeff, and all of you fabulous, marvelous bloggers.

We pretty much covered all of this again. Well, apart from Jeff.** And it was good, nay great. But upon reflection, I don’t think we’ve covered everything in sufficient detail. Teri? Rematch please.

*Including I’m sad to admit the wobbly bits. (Note to self: Enough already.)
** speaking of axe murderers…

22 thoughts on “Carter Library Comes to Town

  1. Okay, now I’m just feeling flat-out jealous. TWICE now, Teri and Downith? Really, is that fair?
    Looks (and sounds) as if you picked up right where you left off–so happy for you, friends. Love when life brings us together off the grid. The way it should!

  2. Carter Library is on her way back to California, wobbly bits and all !! Look for my post in the coming days titled: Planes, Trains and Automobiles … and Subways, or “How to Find The Duchess”

    I miss you already!

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  4. I have had the pleasure of meeting our Teri twice now–and she was every bit as wonderful as I imagined she’d be. But you, dear Downith–when will I have that pleasure? Some day we will make this blog circle complete. I’d love to think we could all gather one day in one spot. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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