The Fifteen Minute Rule

This is the title of a book currently available as a Kindle Daily Deal for 99 pence.  When I clicked on the Amazon Look Inside feature, I saw this:

The thing to remember is that you really can do almost anything for fifteen minutes.

The idea is that you break down daunting tasks – clearing out the attic, doing your tax return, finishing the Fucker –  into 15 minute chunks. Agreed, and I have done at least 15 minutes on the Fucker for the last two days. Thank you Averil and Indy for the kick up the butt.

No need to buy that book then.

Now, as Indy would say, I’m going to get off the internet and write. (even if only for 15 minutes)

6 thoughts on “The Fifteen Minute Rule

  1. I sometimes switch that around: I only have 15 minutes to waste on the Internet, and then I’m going to [do what I’m supposed to be doing].

    I think your way probably works better—maybe I’ll try it . . . in about six minutes. ;)

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